• Headlines
    • The first day of presidential elections abroad: Voter Turnout stands at 6.7%
    • Teboulba Bus-Train Crash: 6 killed, 32 injured
    • Electoral Silence Day Starts
    • Unemployment Edges Down to 15.2% (TAP)
    • Ras Jedir and Dehiba border crossings to be closed from Thursday to Wednesday (TAP)
    • Tunisians Overseas Start Voting
    • Tunisia deploys 36,000 troops for presidential runoff election (Anadolu Agency)
    • Tunisian unemployment down to 15.2% (TAP)
  • In-Depth
  • Runoff Campaign Week One: Resignations and Accusations...

    It’ only one week into the second round of presidential campaigning and the tensions between Marzouki and Essebsi continue to mount. The rhetoric used by both candidates has already landed Marzouki in hot water with the Higher Independent Authority for Elections (French:...
    Dec 15 2014|Louis Bonhoure|In-Depth Politics

    Torture and Abuse Still Present in Transitional Tunisia

    Dec 10 2014|Louis Bonhoure|Human Rights

    Investment Crucial for a Stronger Tunisia

    Dec 2 2014|Natasha Turak|In-Depth Economy
  • Travel
  • El Kef, the Ancient Heart of Northwestern Tunisia

    El Kef, the Ancient Heart of Northwestern Tunisia When the Axis powers took control of the Tunisian capital and the country’s eastern coast during World War Two, the northwestern city of el-Kef was named the provisional capital of...
    Dec 9 2014|Tristan Dreisbach|Northwest Tunisia