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    • Legislative elections: Lodging appeals from October 31 to November 2 (TAP)
    • Al Jazeera Documentary about Chokri Belaid’s Death Causes Controversy in Tunisia
    • International observer groups: Tunisia’s legislative elections an “extraordinary achievement”
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  • Tunisia’s Long Road Ahead...

    By Karim Mezran And Lara Talverdian When it comes to the narrative of Arab democracies, Sunday, October 26 marked a historic day. Tunisia, the country that sparked the so-called Arab Spring, held its first elections under a post-revolution constitution. There were two key...
    Oct 31 2014|Op- ed|In-Depth Politics

    First Suspected Ebola Case in Tunisia Tests Response Network

    Oct 21 2014|Natasha Turak|Health

    Reconciling Freedom of Artistic Expression with Religion in Tunisia

    Oct 17 2014|Op- ed|Human Rights